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Who is it for?

We work with established B2B outbound teams. If you have formal outbound targets, well-defined B2B personas, and team familiarity with the sales stack, SellScale is for you.

I'm an early company, can I use SellScale?

SellScale works best with companies who are post product-market fit, have a dedicated outbound team, and have a mature sales stack (CRM, named accounts list, outbound tools).

Do you find leads + do prospecting for me?

Clients provide their own named accounts lists. We find that our clients are the best at deciding who their ideal prospects are. If needed, we have guides and resources to help you develop your 'named accounts list' quickly and easily with existing tools.

Do you also do non-email outbound?

Yes, we also support outbound on social platforms. We find them to be very effective.

Who do you work with to implement SellScale?

SellScale usually works with a head of sales/growth, or a BDR manager. We then work with the SDRs on a seat-by-seat base to implement.

Do I interact with the software?

SellScale is not 'another SaaS tool' you need to deal with on the daily. Once integrated, it works on co-pilot with your team. You can interact with our platform as much or as little as you'd like! The more training you give it, the better.

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