SellScale raises $3.4 million to give AI superpowers to sales teams

Ishan Sharma
CEO at SellScale
Last Updated:
March 9, 2024

At SellScale, we are bringing artificial intelligence and NLP tools to sales teams around the world. The future of sales is going to be more personal — no more sequences, cold calling, door knocking. We believe that with the advent of recent technologies like generative languages models, future sales teams are going to be significantly more efficient and personalized than they are today.

For outbound reps, this means more time connecting with humans, and less time with rote work.


Today we’re excited to announce our $3.4M inception round led by Pear Venture Capital. We’re thankful to be supported by an incredibly syndicate of AI & GTM funds like Ovo Fund, Browder Capital, Exponent Capital, Soma Capital, Mute Ventures, Belal Bedat Ventures, The House, FourAcres and top founders & operators from Notion, Figma, Dropbox, Athelas, Forethought, Moveworks, Ankr and more.

Looking to the future

The future of the internet will push against spray & pray models of outreach. More platforms will put restrictions on large volume campaigns that sales teams today do. With fewer shots on goal, sales teams will need to make each outreach count. Consumers are also changing the way they receive outbound. I’m sure you can look in your inbox and spot a canned email template, right down to the {{first name}} curly brackets.

Instead of mass outreach, we think outbound teams using personalized and targeted messaging will win. Generative Language models are improving at an increasingly-fast pace. We want to make sure sales folks - and the prospects they outreach to - benefit from higher-quality outreach: hyper-personalized messages that connect to prospects at their core.

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