AGI + Sales: the future of outbound

Ishan Sharma
CEO at SellScale
Last Updated:
March 11, 2024
  • AGI, or artificial general intelligence, is coming soon
  • It will make the difference in your team’s outbound motion
  • AGI+Sales won’t simply be another automation tool - but rather a fully conscious AI platform helping you with sales


Welcome to 2023. You’re a Chief Revenue Officer, and it seems like the world is only getting harder: Budgets are freezing, reply rates are falling, and marketing can only do so much. You need to do more with your outreach with less. Here’s where Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) can make a big difference.

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Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is an AI that's reached human-level sophistication. You read that right: an artificial intelligence that has memory, problem-solves, possesses self-awareness, and interacts with the world. While AGI doesn't exist, it's a long-term goal of AI research.

Background on AGI + sales

For sales, AGI means a huge benefit to commerce. The core of sales is connecting someone with a problem to a solution. A sales AGI will be able to assist reps in this mission in delightful, timely ways. For example, a sales AGI would take out all the grunt work from conducting outbound, and even perform tasks (like writing emails) better than a human would. Reps shift from manually managing tools and campaigns to an AGI seamlessly executing across tools and channels.

At SellScale, we’re excited to paint a few ways the AGI-like experience is shaping up. Here are three use cases on how the future of sales will look:

Use case 1: onboarding

Utilizing AGI, Chief Revenue Officers have the ability to augment their sales team's outreach instantly.

Currently, this involves acquiring new tools and expanding the team. Learning new tools is a time-intensive process. While humans traditionally take about a quarter to onboard, AGI can swiftly assimilate company knowledge, industry terms, and customer interaction strategies. This rapid integration of AGI complements the human team's skills, giving an immediate productivity boost in outreach efficiency.

Use case 2: improving sequences

Part of sales is creating and refining messaging - with AGI, this process becomes instant.

Unlike traditional systems, an AGI can analyze vast amounts of data to understand what messaging works best. It can automatically tailor sequences to individual prospects based on their behaviors, preferences, and needs, ensuring a higher engagement rate. Moreover, AGI can continuously learn from responses, tweaking the sequences in real-time for optimal results.

Use case 3: identifying new opportunities

AGI will proactively identify business opportunities by conducting tasks that are too costly or impractical for humans to do.

For example, each quarter, there are several events (e.g., data leaks), earnings reports, layoffs, or other events relevant to different businesses. Reading every page of the news would be impractical for humans, but an AGI could quickly detect relevant information, find prospects, and outreach.

What will happen to traditional outbound with AGI?

We don't believe traditional outbound will ever go away. It's hard to replace a personalized follow-up email, cold-calling calling, or one-off notes. However, there's reason to believe that the traditional mass outbound-playbook won't last. The future is pushing against pulling generic prospect lists, writing generic copy, and never iterating your strategy unchanged. Here's a few reason why:

  • Enhanced Spam Filters - Today's spam filters are increasingly sophisticated. They scrutinize everything from email setup to content. Navigating these filters without triggering them is a challenge that sales teams and tools often struggle with, leading to decreased effectiveness of email outreach.
  • Skeptical Buyer Attitudes - People are weary of “being sold to”. Prospects can sell overly-promotional from a mile away. This poses a challenge for sales teams in constantly iterating copy
  • Outbound everywhere - outbound is easy and cheap to set up nowadays with platforms like SmartLead.AI or Apollo. This accessibility, while beneficial, also means a saturated market where standing out becomes more challenging.
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AGI is set to redefine outbound sales, making the experience more enjoyable for both sellers and prospects. Not only does AGI present a great opportunity to increase sales, but it can help you do so more efficiently than you thought possible. The sales teams that gain an edge will be the ones who start adapting this new tech early. At SellScale, we are building an AGI-experience for sales teams.

Reach out and we're happy to guide you through how that would look like.


Note: special thanks to Kevin H, Asad H., Ajay M., and Michael B. for providing comments.